We help to solve business problems and launch new business lines with the use of mobile and internet technologies



We analyze the problems of the existing application and develop solution techniques. We carry out a competitive market/environmental analysis of the new application and offer launch recommendations.

Corporate solutions

We develop solutions for company’s internal needs. We optimize working process with telecommuting and field staff, integrate financial and management information in one window. We implement workers’ efficiency enhancing interface in your EPR/CRM or other corporate system.

Application Development

We design, develop, test and launch your application onto market for any platform. Once the application is launched, we set/adjust app support and development process in order to meet all business needs and customer’s aspirations.


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On that stage field analysis, business needs analysis and competitive market/environmental analysis are carried out.
Based on the obtained data and current project state measurable business metrics of project success are formalized and the achievement strategy is determined.
Functional and non-functional requirements particularization and reconcilement are made whereat.

What you get by the end of that stage:

Project concept
Goals, restrictions and project work plan
Functional and non-functional requirements and restrictions specification
Analytical report (competitive analysis)


Custom scenarios aimed at the app main target indicators achievement are designed based on preliminary analysis data.
Additional project requirements and the graphic frame of the app are designed based on these scenarios; visual component restrictions and requirements are formed.
App prototype, analysis plan and preliminary promotion plan are designed.

What you get by the end of that stage:

Visual app prototype
Graphic interface design specification
Analysis plan


Graphical and technical components are designed at this stage.
When creating app graphic design, clear guidelines and principles of interface formation are being prepared; that allows to improve users' practice.
Second interactive application prototype is prepared on design basis.
Once application design is ready, user's and administrative system parts programming begins.

What you get by the end of that stage:

Graphical component of the application and interactive prototype
Readable, supportable and scale-adjustable code
Product ready to be tested


Once product design is finished, trial testing stage begins.
Testing is carried out in accordance to the scenario prepared in advance and may be run in two stages:
— Product requirements from business' side are verified during internal testing
— User's reaction is tested during exterior testing

What you get by the end of that stage:

Product ready to be deployed
A report on public app testing


All technical project infrastructure deployment and technical trial running ar e carried out on that stage.
Customer's team training is held at the same ti me and internal working processes such as customers' support are optimized.

What you get by the end of that stage:

Product ready to be used
Fault-tolerant infrastructure

Further development

On Further development stage we provide all required reports on main business in dexes. On the report basement:
— Product development plan is formed
— Users' behavior model is designed if required - scenarios are designed based on predicative analysis in order to increase users' retention level
— Promotional plan for required markets is carried out

What you get by the end of that stage:

App business indexes improvement
Reliable app functioning
Pleased project users



Knowledge of Swift, Objective C is required. Experience in Restful API, CoreData, Relam is an advantage. Understanding of AutoLayout principles


Customer requirements fixing, best solution development together with the team, result documentation and verification after application launch.

Interface designer

Laconic interface which respond to the most complicated customers' and users' objectives creation.

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